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Lamprospora spinulosa Seaver
Mycologia 6(1): 11 (1914)
Mycobank: MB 200455
Type: United States. New York Botanical Garden, summer 1912, F.J. Seaver (NY 915356-58)
Apothecia: to 1 mm in diameter, at first globose, later discoid with the hymenium slightly convex with an irregular fringe-like margin, orange-yellow
Ascospores: globose, 15-20 µm (inclusive ornamentation), ornamentation consisting of short stout spines about 1 µm wide and 2-3 µm high
Host: Physcomitrium pyriforme
Infectious structures: unknown
Distribution: United States (New York)
Note: Wang & Kimbrough (1992) named Funaria sp. as accompanying moss in Seaver's samples. Our study of the holotype, as well as nine additional collections by Seaver, revealed Physcomitrium pyriforme as host. Although P. pyriforme also occurs in Europe, L. spinulosa couldn't not be found in Europe so far. Reports on other hosts than P. pyriforme probably represent undescribed taxa. The collection assigned to L. spinulosa infecting Dicranella howei listed in Capoen (2017) does not represent L. spinulosa but a new species which will be described in a future paper and is referred to under Lamprospora stellata ined. (Vega et al. 2021a)

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