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Lamprospora pseudoarvensis M. Vega, Eckstein, Friebes & R. Tena 9(5): 140 (2017)
Mycobank MB#822693
Holotype: SPAIN: Sierra de Guadarrama, Valle de Lozoya (Madrid), 40°50’12.1’’ N, 3°54’48.3” E, 1470 m asl, besides a trail next to a tree stump, leg. Marcel Vega, Miguel Ángel Ribes & Fermín Pancorbo, 2015-Nov-21 (HBG-024462)
Lamprospora pseudoarvensis, apothecia between shoots of Pleuridium acuminatum Lamprospora pseudoarvensis, spores stained with cotton-blue
1: Lamprospora pseudoarvensis, apothecia between shoots of Pleuridium acuminatum, Austria, Gleichenberger Kogel, leg. Gernot Friebes, 2015-02-08. Image by Gernot Friebes 2: Lamprospora pseudoarvensis, spores stained with cotton-blue, Germany, Thuringia, Duderstadt, leg. Jan Eckstein, 2015-01-18
Apothecia: 0.5-3 mm in diameter, first spherical, becoming saucer-shaped, finally thick and discoid with a flat hymenium, sessile, mostly with a low and narrow fimbriate margin, hymenium light-orange to orange, margin and outer surface slightly paler
Asci: (200)240-300(320) x (18)20-32(36) µm, 8-spored, spores uniseriate, operculate, inamyloid
Paraphyses: filiform, upper cells containing many vacuoles with orange pigment, not or only slighly inflated apically, terminal cell 45-80(100) x 3-5(6)8 µm
Ascospores: hyalin, globose, (18)19-24(25) µm (inclusive ornamentation), with a large lipid drop 12-16 µm in diameter, ornamentation consisting of a regular polygonal net of ridges (1)2-3(4) µm wide and 1.5-3(4) µm high which often meet in clear angles of 60-120°, ridges not or only slightly widened at meeting points, meshes 3-7 µm broad with some stains or low warts within
Medullary excipulum: of textura angularis, with cells 12-26(3-11 µm, margo of textura porrecta
Host: Pleuridium acuminatum
Infection; infects the rhizoids, infection structure consisting of an (2)3-celled appressorium 30-35 x 20-25 µm in side view, surrounded by a dense layer of accompanying hyphae 10-15 µm wide
Distribution: Austria, Czech Republic (Janošík unpublished), Canary Islands, France, Germany, Hungary, Portugal, Spain
Note: Similar to Lamprospora arvensis but differs from that species in apothecia with an lower margin, larger ascospores with an more regular reticulum as well as the host.

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Lamprospora pseudoarvensis, spores Lamprospora pseudoarvensis, spores
3: Lamprospora pseudoarvensis, SEM-image of spore, Austria, Gleichenberger Kogel, leg. Gernot Friebes, 2016-02-13 4: Lamprospora pseudoarvensis, SEM-image of spores, Austria, Gleichenberger Kogel, leg. Gernot Friebes, 2016-02-13

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